3 X 4 Very Fine Foam Pad


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SurfPrep 10mm Red Aluminum Oxide Foam Hook & Loop Pads are an excellent choice for preparing any surface that requires nice, consistent, even cutting, flat sanding. An excellent choice by cabinet or furniture builders who must scuff sand into corners or opposing edges or sides. A must use inside drawer boxes where manual hand sanding is a challenge or where discs sanders do not allow for full coverage into a corner. Also can be used to sand detailed white wood beading on moldings. This pad will not load or pill.

25 discs per box. Order per box.

Use the following chart to match the grit to your needs:

SurfPrep Finish / Scratch SurfPrep Description
60-80 Coarse
80-100 Coarse+
120-150 Medium
150-180 Medium+
220-280 Fine
280-380 Very Fine
450-600 Super Fine
600-700 Super Fine+
700-800 Super Fine Extra+
800-1200 Micro Fine
1200-1500 Micro Fine+
1800-2500 Super Micro Fine
2800-3500 Super Micro Fine+

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