14" X 7/64" X 1" Cut-off Wheel


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This 14-Inch Abrasive Cut-off wheel is designed for a Metal Cutting Power Saw either a bench style or Gas Power Cutter. This is a premium 36 grit abrasive cutting with an industrial bond designed for faster cutting and longer lasting.

Uses for this wheel are found in the following Industries for cutting steel, iron, Automotive, Auto Body Shop, HVAC, Mechanical, Welding, Fire and Rescue, Plumbing, Bridge Builders, Steel Framing Contractors, Landscapers, MRO mechanical engineering, General Contractors and many others.

Component of this blade include a tough Aluminum Oxide resionoid reinforced bonded ceramic power that continually is exposed as the wheel is used.

Price is per wheel.  25 wheels per box. Order in full box quantities only.

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Weight 1.5 lbs