3M 5N11 Particulate Prefilters


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 3MTM Particulate Filter 5N11, N95
The 3MTM Particulate Filter 5N11, N95 is NIOSH certified and offers particulate protection against certain non-oil containing aerosols. The 5N11 passes NIOSH testing criteria providing a minimum filter efficiency of 95%.* NIOSH Approved N95*

Protection and performance

  • Advanced filter construction reduces linting, helping to ensure exacting results during painting and refinishing operations.
  • Filter design helps prevent rapid clogging from paint aerosols.

Comfort and versatility

  • Low-profile and lightweight design for improved comfort and worker acceptance.
  • The 5N11 filter can be used with an assortment of face pieces, both in half face piece and full face piece configurations.
  • For use on 3M 5000 Series Respirators and 6000 Series Cartridges with #501 Filter Retainer.

Suggested Applications: Spray painting, Lacquering, Petrochemical manufacturing, Chemical manufacturing, Paper processing, Boat manufacturing, Lab settings, Non-oil pesticide spraying, Agriculture

* Tested against particles approximately 0.3 micron in size (mass median aerodynamic diameter) per 42 CFR 84.

Priced and sold by the package.  Package contains 10 pieces.

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