5/8" Double Ear Clamp


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Double ear clamps are widely used in maintenance and OEM medium pressure applications. Their single piece construction assures a positive, tamper-proof seal without damaging the hose or tubing. Double ear design permits compensations for tolerance variations in hose sizes. For proper installation, select the nominal clamp size nearest to, but slightly larger than, the outside diameter of the hose or tubing to be clamped with the insert (fitting) in place. One ear should be closed all the way. When the second ear is closed, the first ear will open slightly. This creates a spring-like action which holds against pressure, vibration and hose shrinkage caused by temperature changes or aging.

  • Nominal Size: 5/8″
  • Closed-Open: .591-.708 in. (15-18 mm)
  • Width: .315 in. (8 mm)
  • Thickness: .0473 in. (1.2 mm)
  • Inner Width of Ear: .197 in. (5 mm)
  • Zinc-Plated


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