5" X 0 Rhynogrip 320 Grit WhiteLine Disc


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Production-grade WhiteLine is preferred by Automotive and Industrial markets alike.  It is manufactured on the basis of productivity, efficiency, durability, and is extremely cost effective.

Aluminum Oxide abrasive with a closed coat to reduce loading and extend abrasive cutting power.

Durable D weight paper with high tear resistance and increased life.

Grip-on discs (velcro backing) allow for a stronger hold and rapid application, increasing productivity.  Grip designs also run cooler than PSA discs.

Applications include sanding and finishing of fillers, primers, and wood, smoothing and cleaning of walls, sanding of panels, old paints, and fillers.  Also good for feathering of repaired areas.

50 discs per box.  Order per box.

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