5" x 0 Rhynostick 40 Grit PlusLine Disc


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Indasa “PlusLine”Abrasive Sanding Disc are highly flexible, offer extended life, create the perfect finish and will not crack and split.  If you are looking for increased productivity to save you time and money look no further than Indasa’s New PlusLine. Also available in sheets & rolls.

Features and benefits:
Extra Flexibility: Adaptable to shapes,
edges and contoured surfaces.
Anti-clogging lubricant layer: longer life-time.
High quality finish.  Easy release “Tab”.

Application suggestions:
Sanding ad finishing of fillers, stoppers, primers, top coats, composite materials,
wooden surface and wood coatings.

Product specifications:
C weight latex paper with self-adhesive backing.  Aluminum Oxide abrasive.
Modified synthetic resins bonding.

Packaged 50 Disc Per Box.  Order per box

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