5" X 0 Stick-on P100 A475 Silicon Carbide Disc


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The P-graded, premium silicon carbide grain, in these A475 No-Fil Durite coated abrasive paper discs easily penetrates the hardest surfaces making these new discs the first choice for use on tooling gel coats, conventional gel coats, hard composites, substrates, and abrasion-resistant coatings. A475 discs outperform aluminum oxide and ceramic abrasive products on hard surfaces with better surface finishes, and faster cut rate and material removal. Their open coat grain distribution and anti-clog coating resist loading for longest product life. The durable, B-wt. fiber-reinforced, latex paper backing provides flexibility and resistance to tearing.  Available in PSA and Hook & Loop styles.


Features and Benefits

  • P-graded, premium silicon carbide grain allows penetration of even the hardest surfaces
  • Premium B-weight, fiber-reinforced, latex paper backing provides excellent tear strength while retaining flexibility
  • Open coat grain distribution and anti-clog No-Fil coating provides maximum load resistance
  • Rz surface finish improved versus aluminum oxide when sanding hard surfaces
  • Aerospace OEM approved for sanding composite fuselage and exterior components


Priced per roll.  100 discs per roll, 4 rolls per box.  Order in box quantity only.   Non-stock item,  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.



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