#8 X 1-1/2" Round Washer Head Screw


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This Screw is a LoRoot, Lubricized, Recex,  Product !!

Lo Root is the “Original” coarse threaded wood screw. Patented by the Pan American Screw Company the LoRoot thread design offers superior holding power while alleviating splitting or crumbling of the material. This screw used mainly in wood, plastic and composite materials.

Lubricized Product.  This means each screw is coated with a dry to the touch lubricant to reduce driving torque.

Recex is another “Original” from Pan American Screw.  Recex combines the dependability of a square drive recess with the convenience and after-market serviceabiliy of a Phillips head screw.


Priced and sold per box.

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Weight 30.5 lbs