Cold Galvanizing Compound


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A high performance primer containing 97% pure zinc dust pigment blended with epoxy resin. Stops rust by electro-chemical action on steel or galvanized coatings. The self-sacrificing zinc protects the base metal, preserving strength and prevents rust creepage when the area is penetrated or scratched. The compound fuses zinc to the metal substrate and delivers protection against corrosion equal to or better than hot dipped galvanize.
Fast-drying, high-solids, high-performance, epoxy-based coating Provides maximum protection to steel exposed to severe corrosive environments. Fuses zinc to the metal substrate to protect against corrosion; equal to or better than hot-dipped galvanizing
97% pure zinc dust
Excellent anti-sag and anti-settling properties. May be topcoated with conventional primers or finish coats Highly resistant to salt corrosion and water
Meets or exceeds performance requirements to MIL-P-26915C.
Outstanding weld through primer
Recommended Uses: Surfaces subject to severe corrosion and rust conditions, such as fences, gutters, bridges, structural steel, wrought iron, farm equipment; ideal as a maintenance spray for highways, food plants, power plants, refineries or damaged galvanized surfaces.
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