P-18 12" X 60T CT Saw Blade


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ROYCE//AYR Pro-Line #P1812060, 12″ X 60 Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade.

  • Made of the highest quality, heat treated steel.
  • Precision ground and honed.
  • Pre-tensioned to respond to your RPM and load requirements.

1″ arbor, 0.087″ / 0.110″ plate / kerf, 20 degree top bevel, ATB grind, 0 degree hook angle.

P-18 thin kerf mitre joint saw blade.  Excellent for mitre saws with low horse power.  Designed for clean crosscuts in a variety of material such as soft and hard woods, and veneered particle board.


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Weight 3.22 lbs