13’6" x 1" x 4/6 Band Saw Blade


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Amada Protector Matrix HSS blade.  13’6′ (162″) length x 1″ width x .035 thickness x 4/6 variable positive rake tooth set.

Exclusively for structural steel, strong against tooth chipping, and capable of providing unparalleled high efficiency.  Protector added to the back face of the tooth tip suppresses excessive cutting and prevents continuous chipping from occurring.

  • Unique design tooth form to eliminate pinching, therefore preventing the blade from binding in the cut.
  • Extra tough tooth strippage resistance.
  • Matrix HSS edge.
  • Extra tough shock resistance.
  • Low cost per cut.

The Protector blade allows for extra fast cutting on structural steel.  It withstands the shock of interrupted cuts, allowing for heavier penetration and faster cutting rates.

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