7’9-1/2" X 3/8" X 14T R Band Saw Blade


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Hard Edge/Hard Back Carbon Blades.  7’9-1/2″ (93.5″) length x 3/8″ width x .025 thickness x 14 TPI, raker (standard)  tooth.

  • These blades are stiffer than flex back blades due to their hardened and tempered backer.
  • Stiffer blades offer straighter cuts in wood and metal cutting.
  • Good on easy to machine metals and other easy to cut materials.
  • Low cost per blade and low cost per cut on wood and similar materials.
  • Not recommended for blade speeds exceeding 4,000 surface feet per minute.

Ideal for applications where straighter cuts or heavier feed pressure are required.  Applications include low alloy easy to machine ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals like brass, bronze, aluminum, and lead.  Also, wood, plastic, cork, composition board, and plywood.

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